How to play Hanoi lottery Make thousands of profits per day

How to play Hanoi lottery Make profits of tens of thousands a day. They say, “If you want to be rich, think like a rich person.” Today will be the lottery This is truly the way people think about being rich! because it must be something very good If picking up the lottery, check it and find a sentence. Congratulations…you win every 1st and 16th of the month but it could have been better. If you can win rich every day, not twice a month.

will take everyone to get to know Lottery that can be played every day And is becoming the most popular like the Hanoi lottery. Today’s story, we will explain what the Hanoi lottery is, how to play the Hanoi lottery. or how to buy as a guide for newcomers Get to know more about this type of lottery. Believe that after reading this article until the last line. You will understand immediately and be able to play easily.

The Hanoi lottery and the Thai lottery are lottery that have similar betting methods. The difference is that the Hanoi lottery is limited to only 2 numbers and 3 numbers, namely 3 upper numbers, 3 Toad numbers, 2 upper numbers and lower running numbers. Different from Thai lottery that can bet on all 3 numbers, top, bottom and Tot, but the advantages and Highlights of the Hanoi lottery That is the reason why lottery fans turn to gamble with the Hanoi lottery more and more are:

Prizes are drawn every day, including holidays. Starting from about 18.00 (Thailand time)

easy to find bets, play anywhere, anytime. until the lottery is released Just have internet, you can buy numbers immediately. Because there are various service providers or online lottery websites and there are instant updates of lottery results when the lottery is released.

There are several betting options. Can bet like underground lottery in Thailand, available to bet 2 or 3 upper numbers, bet 2 or 3 lower numbers, bet 2 or 3 front digits, 2 or หวยออนไลน์ 3 back digits, 3 big lottery numbers, upper running numbers -lower

How many types of Hanoi lottery are there?

When you know what the Hanoi lottery is? This time, let’s delve into the details of how many types of Hanoi Lottery there are. There are basically 3 types of them:

Hanoi Lottery or Normal Hanoi Lottery Hanoi Lottery or Normal

Hanoi Lottery is a pattern that we have explained in the above section. Prizes are drawn every day at 18:00, with a total of 6 types of prizes being drawn, most notably being a special prize of 5 numbers, the 1st prize, etc.

Hanoi lottery special

Hanoi special lottery is a new online lottery that Vietnam has released during the COVID-19 outbreak, also known as vietnam red cross lottery During the crisis, the Vietnamese government has closed the Hanoi lottery results at regular intervals and switched to the results of this special Hanoi lottery instead.

Which will be effective 1 hour earlier than the normal Hanoi lottery, with results starting from 17.00 hrs. Hanoi lottery special It has also been prepared for use in dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic. to purchase tools and medical equipment During the closing time of the country as well

Hanoi VIP Lottery

Playing Hanoi vip with normal Hanoi is no different. But it will be different in terms of the prize draw. The Hanoi VIP lottery will have the prize at 19:30, the number used in the draw. It will be taken from a special prize

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