Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex House

id=”cnetReview” segment=”rvwBody” details-ingredient=”indepthReview”> DesignnSeagate’s most up-to-date choose on a single generate NAS, the FreeAgent GoFlex Household, is black, boxy and arrives in two distinct parts. The hard generate portion, like several of Seagate’s modern drives, is not considerably to look at. nnA square black box with an interface port on the base that clicks into the principal GoFlex Property interface dock. This is just one of the Home’s selling factors, in that you can upgrade your push capacity by plugging in a different GoFlex Desk drive in the foreseeable future, despite the fact that you’d will need to facet-shuffle your data off the aged generate and onto the new 1 in get to accommodate that. nnFeaturesnWe examined the AU$229 1TB variation of the GoFlex Residence a AU$329 2TB edition is also offered. The dock alone materials electric power and a common ethernet port, as effectively as a USB port for printer sharing. The GoFlex Household can also act as a media server out to the GoFlex Tv and games consoles. nnSeagate also provides a “Professional” version of its resources, which you can entry for no cost for 30 days. This features the ability to insert endless accounts to your GoFlex Residence (by default it only supports a measly 5 users), Cooliris’ interface (also found on Hitachi’s Lifetime Studio Cell In addition) and exterior access from Computer system or smartphone. The external access functions we can see a justified case for remaining a paid out function, EDTA [] but charging users to insert excess person accounts to components they presently personal? That’s shameless profiteering, Seagate, and we plain don’t like it.nnKeep on to next webpage 01n02