Drink milk diarrhoea, can you drink yoghurt? 4 yogurt details you should know

Speaking of milk, you should be familiar with it. Many people grew up drinking milk. When we grow up, drinking milk can be very good to help us product calcium, promote growth and development. However, some people can not drink milk, a drink is diarrhea.

This part of people is likely to be lactose intolerance to milk, the lack of lactase in human digestive juice, will affect the digestion and absorption of lactose, resulting in the end after drinking milk upset or diarrhea.

So the problem comes, although can’t drink milk, but want to drink yoghurt line not line. Today we learn four things about yogurt.

Drink milk diarrhoea, drink yoghurt ok?

The above mentioned drinking milk diarrhea, mainly because of personal lactose intolerance to milk. After yogurt fermentation, some lactose will become lactic acid and other organic acids, reducing the possibility of lactose intolerance. Lactic acid bacteria themselves produce a large amount of lactase that helps the body digest lactose.

If milk causes diarrhea, try yogurt.

The more sour the better?

Yogurt will become sour, is because with the time longer, lactic acid bacteria gradually more, yogurt acidity will show an upward trend. Low heat conserved yogurt, the acidity is normally even more moderate, lactobacillus activity can be better. In yogurt at area temperature, lactic acidity bacterias multiply quickly and trigger acidity to rise, very easily exceeding the healthy range.

At this time, yogurt is very sour, but the activity of lactic acid bacteria is very low, milk protein denaturation level increases, not conducive to human being absorption. All in all, yogurt is not always sour.

Can darling drink yoghurt?

Generally speaking, yogurt belongs to cold costco food court menu (https://blakesector.scumvv.ca/). Baby blessed gastrointestinal tract is normally weak, eating fresh and cold meals is simple to trigger gastrointestinal dysfunction. The infant under 12 months old had do not drink yoghurt.

Can you beverage yogurt to lose excess weight?

Eating yogurt might help you eliminate weight somewhat. Yogurt contains energetic lactic acid bacterias might help gastrointestinal peristalsis, stability intestinal flora to boost constipation. Yogurt is definitely rich in protein, can boost satiety, moderate intake can help eliminate weight.

Even so, yoghurt itself also offers certain level of heat, edible an excessive amount of also can produce level of heat to exceed bid, end up being the obstacle along the way reducing weight. Today the yogurt that offers on the market has a part is flavor ferment milk, candy is higher, join fruit and oat to wait for cereal, quantity of heat is definitely higher still.

Right amount drinks yoghurt, still have certain help to reducing excess weight personage.

Today, I told you about 4 little knowledge of yogurt, I hope you useful.